"Dream Tours"

Your own way to adventure

Off the beaten path, without stress and for that reason a lot of fun: Those are our dream tours for your own way into nature.
   All you need to bring are suitable clothing, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad – and of course a fresh spirit of discovery. The rest will be provided by us: the specific gear such as boats and tents, maps and if you desire, an appropriate food package. The transportation will be arranged by us.
     The first night will be spent here at Tingvall eco lodge where we'll discuss your dream tour in the evening. And then, after breakfast the next morning, your adventure will begin.

CANOE-TOUR – ready and set to go

On the move in the Swedish/Norwegian border area          ...more

SEA KAJAKING-TOUR – ready and set to go
through Sweden's Marine National Park                            ...more


Canoe tour – ready and set to go

The lakes, with their many small islands, are connected to one another via narrow river passages. A canoe portage allows one to paddle all the way up to the untouched Tresticklan National Park. This tour is bookable at any time between May and mid-October. Just choose your favorite date. We will gladly create a personalized proposal for you.    contact form

Price from 1200 SEK                ...back


Sea kayaking tour – ready and set to go

This tour, through the wind sheltered area within the archipelago, is as well-suited for experienced kayakers as it is for beginners, even children above the age of 12 can take part. A list of necessary equipment will be given to you upon registration. This tour is bookable at any time between June and October. Just choose your favorite date.We will gladly create a personalized proposal for you.     contact form

Price from 1600 SEK                ...back